Wonderfully Fresh - August 11, 2014

A sweet debut from Malika Tirolien – a singer we know best for her work with Snarky Puppy, but who’s got a hell of a presence on her own! Malika brings together so many different styles here – Caribbean roots, contemporary soul, and even some elements of her Montreal hometown – in a blend that’s wonderfully fresh, and which has the artist effortlessly stepping between French and English as she moves through the set! Malika plays keyboards on most numbers (pretty darn well, too!) – and backing is from a shifting lineup of players who have the warmth of jazz in their touch – on tracks that include “Patience”, “Oliassa”, “Revolution”, “Racines”, “Regard Dore”, “So Long Ago”, “What’s It Like”, “Sew”, and “I Ja Fin”.

Crédits : Dusty Groove

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